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Sorted Files Search
Posted by Jack H. Ward, Last modified by Jack H. Ward on 07 February 2018 07:43 AM

Electronic Evidence Examiner allows you to perform searches in sorted files using special parameters.

To perform searching, do the following:

1. Add evidence or acquire/import mobile data to a new or existing case.

2. The structure of the evidence/mobile data is displayed in the Case Content pane (to the left), the content of the selected folder/node is displayed in the Data View pane (to the right).
3. Sort files in the evidence/mobile data.
4. On the Analysis tab, in the Search group, click Sorted Files Search.
5. The Sorted Files Search pane opens.

6. Define the Sorted Files Search parameters.

To find all sorted files, leave all fields empty.

7. Click Run Query. The Sorted Files Search results are displayed in the bottom of the Sorted Files Search pane.

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