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This step allows the user to define which bookmarks will be added to the report and define their options.

Bookmarks to Include:

The following options are available:

  • Include only bookmarks checked as "Include to reports": If this option is selected, the report will include only the bookmarks checked in the Bookmarks pane.
  • Include all bookmarks: If this option is selected, all existing bookmarks will be included in the report.
  • Don't include any bookmarks: If this option is selected, no bookmarks will be added to the report. This has the same effect as the first option if no bookmarks in the Bookmarks pane are checked.

Properties of the Included Bookmarks:

Each bookmark has the following properties: Name, Path, Source, Description, Attached data, Bookmark Created, Bookmark Last Modified, and Attached Data Information. Select the properties you want to include in the report. Otherwise, clear them. By default, only four bookmarks properties are included in the report. To select all properties, click Check All. To clear all properties, click Uncheck All.

Additional Options:

  • Insert thumbnails for graphic bookmarks: If this option is selected, thumbnails will be added to bookmarks pointing to graphics files.
  • Export all bookmarked files and folders to the external folder and add links to the report: If this option is selected, all files and folders (including email messages, databases, etc.) to which bookmarks point will be exported, and each bookmark will include a hyperlink to the exported file.

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