Posted by Jack H. Ward on 02 February 2018 05:51 AM

The mailbox is a folder. It contains the  following data:

  • Global settings: abook.mab- the address book, xpti.dat- the service components, XUL.mfl- appearance settings, etc. These files are not parsed by Electronic Evidence Examiner.
  • Information about the profile (prefs.js)
  • The folder with plug-ins (extensions)
  • All service files

The Mail subfolder contains the folders displayed on the upper level in the Thunderbird tree view. These folders are Local Folders and folders for all accounts and folders created by the user if any. The  hierarchical structure corresponds to the folder structure in Thunderbird. Folders which store messages are stored as files without extensions with filenames similar to the folder name. The attached data is also stored in these files. There is also a file with the folder name and the extension *.msf.  This is the index file for quick reading of the messages.


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