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Usually, The Bat! email database contains the following data:

  • The Account.cfn file.
  • The Account.flb file.
  • Folders with the account name (mailboxes). These contain files and folders that belong to the account.

The folder for each account contains the following folders:

  • $Known$ (this is a system folder and is not displayed in The Bat!)
  • Inbox 
  • Outbox
  • Sent
  • Trash
  • Folders created by the user

In each mailbox, there are also Account.flb and Account.cfn files that contain information about the mailbox.

These files exist for the database in whole and each account in it.


The file Messages.tbb is stored in each folder containing messages. It contains the messages that are stored by the same path in the database (e.g., database\\inbox\Messages.tbb). This file also may include the attached data (messages or files).


The file account.flb contains information about folders and messages, their creation date, and paths to the files with messages (Messages.tbb).


This is a backup copy of the file Account.flb


This file contains the account information:

- The From field

- The name of the mailbox

- The folder for storing attachments

- Servers of the incoming and outcoming mail

- The path to the mailbox

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