EDB Settings
Posted by Jack H. Ward on 05 February 2018 04:57 AM

EDB settings are settings for EDB email databases created by Microsoft Exchange.

  • Raw mode: Displays all database content including system, orphaned, and deleted items.
EDB 2013 databases containing non-English mailstorages must be added in Raw mode only. Otherwise, such mailstorages will not be parsed.

  • Show pages with the wrong checksum: This option allows the user to show pages with wrong checksums. In this case, in the log file, the "Checksum error" warning on a database page will be recorded along with the reasons for the error. If this option is not selected, the pages with wrong Checksums will not be opened.
  • Check logical structure of mailboxes/folders (slow): This option allows the user to check the accuracy of the Mailbox tree structure to prevent the duplication of folders (mailboxes).
  • Ignore database signature: This option allows the user to open any database as an EDB database without verifying that it is an EDB database.
  • Message retrieving limit: For some corrupted folders, the process of data reading can be infinite and the read messages will repeat. This number limits the number of messages that will be read after the first repeating messageis discovered.
  • *.stm file: For Exchange 2000 and 2003 databases, click Browse to locate the *.stm file for an added mailstorage. If the path to this file is not defined, the bodies of some emails can be empty.
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