Converting your dongle to Smarx dongle
Posted by on 10 April 2019 12:28 PM

To use your MPI dongle for x64 version of the Electronic Evidence Examiner, you need to convert it to Smarx dongle. Otherwise, the correct work of the dongle is not guaranteed.

If you do not plan to use your MPI dongle with x64 version of the Electronic Evidence Examiner, it is strongly recommended not to convert it.

To convert the dongle:

1. Plug the dongle into your computer and start the Dongle Manager.

2. Click Convert Dongle.
3. The warning message will appear. Thoroughly study the message and click Yes in case of your consent.

4. The MPI25x Conversion tool window opens. Click Convert CRYPTO-BOX® From MPI-format To SmarxOS®.

5. The conversion process will start. After successful conversion, the Convert Dongle button will be disabled.
6. Now, the dongle can be used as before the conversion.

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