How to Root Android Devices Using Root Engine
Posted by on 11 April 2019 03:48 AM
To root Android devices using the Root Engine:

1. In the Mobile Data group, on the Evidence tab of the ribbon, click Root Android Device. The Root Engine wizard opens.

2. Connect the device for rooting and click Refresh.
3. Select the device in the list of devices (in case two or more devices are connected) and click Start.

4. The process of establishing connection starts. To establish the connection, tap OK in the Allow USB debugging? message on the device.
5. After the connection is established successfully, the Rooting Parameters page opens automatically.

6. Select whether you want to use the pre-defined parameters or want to set them manually and click Continue.

Note: Setting wrong parameters may cause crash of the operating system and emergency restart of the device. If you are not sure what parameters should be set for the definite device, it is recommended to use the pre-defined parameters.

7. If the Set the rooting parameters manually option is selected, then the Rooting Parameters Selection page opens. Set the parameters to be used for obtaining root access and click Continue.

8. If the Use ROP/JOP technology parameter is auto-detected as recommended or selected manually, the Linux kernel file for ROP/JOP technology page opens. Click Browse and navigate to the Linux kernel file matching the device firmware, and then click Continue.

9. The process of searching for ROP/JOP chains is launched.
10. After ROP/JOP chains are successfully found, the Important Information page opens.

11. Thoroughly read the information on the page, select the I understand risks and want to continue check box and click Start Rooting.
12. The process of getting root access starts.

13. After the root access is successfully obtained, click Start Acquisition, and follow the standard process of the device acquisition.

Note: Do not disconnect the device after getting the root access. The Root Engine just provides the temporary root access. Once the device is disconnected, it is restored to its original state.
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