How to Acquire Data from Android Spreadtrum Devices
Posted by on 11 April 2019 08:51 AM

To prepare environment for device acquisition:

1. Download the Firmware Update Drivers from the trusted Internet source to the computer.

2. Download the firmware PAC file (ROM image) for your Spreadtrum device model from the trusted Internet source to the computer. The PAC file contains the boot image required for physical acquisition of the Spreadtrum device. PAC files are unique for each device model. To find out the device model, in the device settings, go to About phone > Model number.

3. Turn off the device.

4. Press and hold the Volume Up button on it.

5. Connect the device to the computer through USB.

6. A new SCI Usb2Serial port appears in the Device Manager.

7. Install the drivers and disconnect the device from the computer.

8. Connect the device once more. COM virtual port appears in the Device Manager.

9. Disconnect the device.

NOTE: It is recommended to remove the device battery for a few seconds every time after disconnecting the device from USB.

To acquire the device via manual plug-in selection:

1. Make sure that the device is turned off and disconnected from the computer.

2. On the Home page of the Acquisition wizard, click Manual plug-in selection.

3. On the Plug-in Selection page, select Android Spreadtrum Expert (physical) plug-in and click Continue.

4. On the Pre-acquisition Options page, click Browse next to the Image file path box and navigate to the previously downloaded PAC file (ROM image).

5. While the device is turned off, press and hold the Volume Up button on it.

6. Connect the device to the computer without releasing the Volume up button.

7. Click Continue on the Pre-acquisition Options page.

NOTE: You will have only 3–5 seconds to click Continue after connecting the device to the computer, after which the device returns to the standard mode. If the time runs out, disconnect the device, remove the device battery, place it back again, and repeat the steps 7–9 again.

8. On the Connection Selection page, select the connection type and click Continue.

9. The data acquisition process starts. Its progress is displayed on the Acquisition Progress page.

10. After the acquisition finishes, click Finish.

11. The acquired data is saved to a mobile data case, which is then automatically added to the opened E3 case as an evidence.

12. Disconnect your device from the computer.
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