Saving Case to Archive
Posted by Jack H. Ward on 05 January 2017 05:35 AM

Electronic Evidence Examiner allows you to save a case to an archive in the ZIP format. The case is saved along with its keyword indexing database and evidences stored in the same folder.

To save a case to an archive:

  1. Open an existing case or create a new case.
  2. If you want to save a case along with all evidences added to it, make sure that the case and the evidences are stored in the same location.
  3. In the Case menu, click Save As Archive.
  4. In the Save As window, define the name for the *.zip file and the location to which it will be saved and click Save.
  5. The progress of saving is displayed.
  6. After the saving finishes, the list of files included in the archive is displayed. Click OK.

After unpacking the archive, you can open the case and continue working with the evidence provided you unpack the case and evidence to a single folder.

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