How to Acquire Data from Samsung Devices with Android OS 4.0.3-7.x (MTP plug-in)
Posted by on 11 April 2019 09:00 AM
Note: Only Samsung devices not updated since 10/27/2017 can be acquired by this plug-in.

To prepare an Android OS device for acquisition:

1. Turn on the device.

2. If the device is unlocked, check that MTP (file transfer mode) is enabled on the device:

  • For Android OS 4.x: In the device menu, select Settings Storage, tap More options/Menu and then tap USB computer connection. Then select the Media device (MTP) option.
  • For Android OS from 5.0 and higher: In the device menu, select Settings > System > Developer options > Select USB configuration and select the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) option
For some devices, the USB computer connection option is not available or the connection method does not change to MTP even after changing settings. In this case, try the following method:
  • On the device, open the Connected as/Use USB for notification and select the Media device (MTP)/File transfers option.
3. Connect the device to your computer using a data cable. Make sure that the required drivers are installed (the required drivers are included in the Electronic Evidence Examiner Driver Pack).

To acquire the device via manual plug-in selection:

1. Make sure that the device is turned on and connected to the computer.

2. On the Home page of the Acquisition wizard, click Manual plug-in selection.

3. On the Plug-in Selection page, select Android Samsung MTP (logical) plug-in and click Continue.

4. On the Connection Selection page, select the connection type and click Start Acquisition.

5. The acquisition process starts. Its progress is displayed on the Acquisition Progress page.

6. After the acquisition finishes, click Finish.

7. The acquired data is saved to a mobile data case, which is then automatically added to the opened E3 case as an evidence.
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