How to View Image Scanner Analysis Results
Posted by on 11 April 2019 09:53 AM
The following information on images at risk is available:
  • Image Name: The name of an image.
  • Image Path: The path on the monitored device where an image is stored.
  • Device Date/Time: The date and time an image was created, copied to the gallery, or screenshotted according to the current time zone set on the device. 
NOTE: If the monitored device time zone changes, the time in this column will change according to the current time zone of the monitored device.
  • Category: The category to which the image more likely belongs. The categories are the following: Drugs, Extremism, Gore, Sexual content, Swim underwear, Weapons, and Clean. If the image matches several categories, it likely will be placed to the Suspicious category
  • Drugs/Extremism/Gore/Sexual content/Swim underwear/Weapons/Clean: If the percent by one category is higher than the defined threshold, then the image is considered belonging to this category.

To view the monitored device Image Scanner analysis results, do the following:

1. On the Account menu, click Device Monitoring.
2. On the Device Monitoring page, click the device icon to display the Monitored Devices pane.

3. Select a device whose Image Scanner analysis results you want to view on the Monitored Devices pane.
4. Click the Image Scanner tab.
5. The Image Scanner analysis results are displayed in the grid.

To filter the data in the grid,
define the following filtering parameters and click Filter Data:

  • In the Category box, define the category of the potentially illicit images to be displayed.
  • In the Date from and Date to boxes, define the time period for which the information about the potentially illicit images should be displayed.
NOTE: The filtering is performed according to the monitored device time zone.
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