How to Create New Case
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To create a new case:

  1. In the Case menu, select Create New Case or select Create New Case on the Welcome screen of Electronic Evidence Examiner. (You can add an evidence before creating a new case, the New Case wizard will create the case automatically. The created case will be saved to C:\Users\<User>\My Documents\Paraben Corporation\Paraben’s Electronic Evidence Examiner by default. The name of the case file will be case.e3).Two cases can't be opened simultaneously. The currently opened case will be saved and closed.
  2. The New Case wizard appears.
  3. On the Case Properties tab, enter the case name (the name of the *.e3 file where the case will be saved) and the case description. The Case name is a required field.
  4. Select the Additional Information tab, enter the investigator information (if desired), and click Finish. Once the entered information is saved, it will appear in a drop-down list for future cases.
  5. Select the folder where the case will be stored and its file name (C:\Users\<User>\My Documents\Paraben’s Electronic Evidence Examiner by default).
  6. A new case is created. The Add New Evidence window opens. New Evidence can be added.
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