Reassigning Evidence (Change Source)
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When you add any type of evidence to your workspace, evidence is not physically added to your case file; rather, a link to the physical location of your evidence is created.
Therefore, you must keep the physical evidence in the same location each time you open a case file, or you will be required to reassign evidence.

Important: If you added and keep the evidence in the same folder in which a case is located, it does not need to be reassigned.
Reassigning evidence means changing the path to its source.

Important: You cannot change the type of evidence during reassignment.
If the evidence source cannot be found, the evidence will be marked with an orange exclamation point.

To reassign evidence:
  1. Select the evidence to reassign.
  2. Right-click and select Change Source or click Change Source on the Evidence tab, in the Evidence group.
  3. The Edit Evidence Source dialog-box will open.

  1. Click first button to browse to the source file or click second button to browse to the source folder.
  2. Select the new source location and click OK.
  3. The evidence is reassigned.

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