What are the types of searches available in E3?
Posted by on 28 September 2017 10:43 AM

There are advanced, keyword search and sorted files search.

Advanced search is a common search engine with powerful customization. It helps to customize a lot of options to get the most accurate results. For example user can search for HEX or text, use regular expressions or Boolean search, load file with search expressions, use predefined searches, select search area, etc. Users don’t need to perform any additional actions to start search.  It searches in grids, binaries, attachments, etc.

Keyword search requires completed keyword indexing. This search works faster than advanced search. Keyword indexing searches for all words in the case and adds them to keywords database. It looks for words in grids, emails, binaries which can be converted to the text, etc. So, during keywords search we search in specially designed keywords database. It helps us to perform search faster. However, it has few options to customize search.

Sorted files search works for files and their attributes in different categories. For example we can search for some MD5, files with some specific attributes (e.g. hidden files) or by date. It is obviously that we need to finish sorting before we can start searching in sorted files.
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