When data is referred to as parsed, what does that mean? What is unparsed data?
Posted by on 28 September 2017 10:44 AM

Usually, we get data in its raw format as dumps or databases. So it is not really easy and not comfortable for users to work with such data. For example they need to know where a system stores useful data. It is a big problem to find it within all system and other not really useful data. And of course it is problematic to detect real and deleted data in dumps and databases. Parsers are designed to find useful data and provide it in user friendly manner. So they user will get the most important data in grids with easy structure. Also, we try to restore deleted data via parsers.

The first big group of parses searches for useful databases. For example, mobile parsers for different features (contacts, messages, etc) or email database parsers. Parsers save time for users as users don’t need to spent time to search for the most important data in file system.

The other big group is file systems parsers which provides possibility to get entire file system structure of dumps with different file system types. For example NTFS or EXT4. So user don’t need to look for some 3rd party tools to process the dumps.

Unparsed data is shown in its raw format.

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