I've purchased a license for HAWK, why is it not working?
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  1. Register an account on and confirm registration by using a link which was sent to your e-mail.
  2. Log in to the HAWK web site and go to Account/Promo Codes page.
  3. Insert your Promo Code in the field on the Promo Codes page and Click “Activate”.
  4. The message appears: “Congratulations! Your Promo Code has been successfully processed. Your Promo Code is ****************” . Click “Continue”.
  5. Then you have to open the site on the target device (the device which will be monitored).
  6. Log in on the site by using your login and password (which were used during account registration on the HAWK web site).
  7. Go to Account/Device Monitoring page.
  8. Select Android Agent and click Download Agent.
  9. When the Agent is downloaded it appears on the Status Bar of device;
  10. Swipe down from the top of the screen, tap on the downloaded Agent and start its installation.
  11. When the Agent is installed (you don’t need the Android phone anymore to monitor data), open The HAWK web site on your PC and log in.
  12. Go to Account/Device Monitoring page.
  13. On the Device Monitoring page, click the device icon to display the Monitored Devices pane.
  14. Select the target device in the device list (it will be only one in the list).
  15. On the Monitored Devices pane, select the device with installed Agent. It will be displayed with a red screen icon under a name corresponding to the Agent installation file name.
  16. Click the Device Info tab.
  17. On the Your device information pane of the Device Info tab, select a subscription under which a device must be activated and click Activate.
  18. The HAWK Mobile Monitor server starts receiving monitored data from the Agent. The data from the target device will be able on the Hawk web site.
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