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What do I do if my other tools require iTunes? I need DS on the same system.
Posted by Jack H. Ward on 06 May 2016 10:59 AM

Paraben’s Device Seizure will work on a machine that has iTunes installed. However, it does need to have the proper DLLs available to be able to function properly. This allows all of your forensic tools to be able to function and run on a single system.

With Windows 10

If you have iTunes installed uninstall it from the PC. Once uninstalled go to the following path: C >Users>Username>Music>iTunes and make sure that the ituneslibrary.itl has been deleted/removed. If it is still present right click and delete.  

If you do NOT have iTunes installed please download and install the most current version of iTunes from the following link:

Installing iTunes will replace the new .itl file. Having an incompatible or older itl file will cause issues with compatibility so this simple fix ensures you are using all your tools with the proper communication protocols.

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