Generating Reports
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To generate a report:

1. Select the data that you want to add to the report. It can be:

  • Evidence or part of the evidence (it can be selected in the Case Content pane or in the Data View pane).
  • A category of sorted files (it is selected in the Sorted Files pane).
  • Bookmarks (they are selected in the Bookmarks pane).
If you want to add all evidence of any type, you don’t have to select all types. It is enough to select the corresponding option in the Reports Wizard.

2. On the Reports tab, in the Reports group, click Generate Report.
3. The Reports wizard opens.

4. Move between the Reports Wizard Pages and select the necessary information.
5. When all necessary selections are made, click Finish to generate a report.
6. The report generation process starts. Its status is displayed in the Tasks pane, where it can be stopped, paused, or started.
7. When the report is generated, you can open it either directly from the folder in which it was generated or by right-clicking the Completed Report Generating task in the Tasks pane.

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