Viewing Images with Exif Information
Posted by Jack H. Ward, Last modified by Jack H. Ward on 09 July 2019 10:55 AM

The Electronic Evidence Examiner allows you to view EXIF information, which can be contained in the images made by digital cameras and scanners: date and time the picture was taken, manufacturer, and the model of camera, image number, GPS data including the coordinates of the place where the picture was taken, etc. This information can vary depending on the type of camera.

To view EXIF information:
1. In the Data View pane, select the image that contains EXIF information.
2. In the Properties pane, select the EXIF tab.

EXIF properties can be copied from the Properties pane. To copy information, you need to select the required row within the properties, right-click and select Copy.

You can perform search in the EXIF properties and also include the EXIF information in the report, which will be added to the description of the graphic files.

The EXIF tab allows viewing GPS data contained in the EXIF information.

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