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E3 2.41 Bronze Edition is now available!
Posted by Jack H. Ward on 03 December 2019 05:24 AM

What’s New in E3 Platform Bronze Edition 2.41

Mobile Data Acquisition/Parsing Changes:

  • Issue with logical acquisition of iPhones X and above has been fixed.
  • More data, such as databases with application data, WAL files and zero-byte files, can be obtained via logical acquisition.
  • Speed enhancements with logical acquisition of iOS devices.
  • Parsing of Apple Maps data acquired from devices with iOS 13.x has been added.
  • Information about sites visited in the Incognito Mode in Safari browser has been added to the Safari Suspend State grid.
  • Import of iPadOS backups is added.
  • Issue with application parsing from the imported iPhoneOS 4.x–13.x backups, including encrypted ones, has been fixed.
  • Issue with iCloud data import has been resolved

General Changes:

  • Export to MapLink option has been removed from E3 due to discontinue of MapLink support.

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