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DS 7.4 is now available!
Posted by Jack H. Ward on 01 March 2016 08:06 AM

What’s new in DS 7.4!

New Functionality:

  • New extraction of authentication data for cloud-based services, such as: Facebook (Android OS), Gmail (Android OS), Google Drive (Android OS), Encrypted iOS 7.x–9.x backups.
  • New Import of Data from cloud-based services has been added, such as: Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Locations.
  • New digital signature option has been added to reports in Microsoft Excel format to guarantee report integrity has been added.
  • New Custom Acquisition options for selected acquisitions of only portions of data.

New App Support:

  • Parsing of Google Maps application data for Android OS devices has been added.

New Device Support:                                                             

  • Support of logical acquisition of devices with iOS 9.1 has been added.

Solved Issues and Improvements:

  • Speed of acquisition has been improved. Now the acquisition of Android and iOS devices is performed up to two times faster. Speed of acquisition of other devices has also been improved.
  • Possible problems with the acquisition of rooted Android OS devices have been fixed.
  • Possible problems with detection of Palm Pre devices on Windows 8 and higher OS have been fixed.

Possible problems with compatibility of Android device dump files acquired via DS with other forensic tools have been fixed.


Detailed information you can find here.

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