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E3 1.7 is now available!
Posted by Tanya Parker on 16 April 2018 06:34 AM

What’s New in E3:Universal Aurora Edition 1.7

General Changes:

  • Add ALL bookmark contents to the Mobile Data Review report.
  • Improved speed for the Mobile Data Excel Report.
  • Minor GUI improvements for better user-experience.

Hard Drive/Disk Images Analysis Changes:

  • Detection of Windows 10 artifacts in Data Triage such as:
    • Search queries, Cortana search results and suggestions, media collections, etc.

Email/Mail Archive Analysis Changes:

  • Support of extracted Zimbra archives has been added. (New Forensic-Impact Blog)
  • Deleted data recovery from server for Microsoft Exchange 2007 has been improved.
  • Parsing of Microsoft Exchange 2016 archives has been improved.

Mobile Data Acquisition/Parsing Changes:

  • Mobile Data Triage has been added for Android devices, iPhone devices and imported from the iPhone backups
  • File System acquisition for Android devices has been improved with support for even more devices than before.
  • Import of iCloud backups have been added for manual credential processing.
  • Support for WeChat application data on Android devices has been added.
  • Support for Firefox application data on Android devices has been added.
  • Parsing of the WhatsApp application data on Android devices has been improved.
  • Issues with Tinder parsing for Android and iOS have been fixed.

Detailed information you can find here.


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