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E3 2.1 Bronze Edition is now available!
Posted by Tanya Parker on 25 January 2019 05:42 AM

What’s New in E3 Platform Bronze Edition 2.1

Hard Drive Forensics Features:

  • New Cloud Storages category has been added to Data Triage. Now you can easily locate files uploaded to OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • Microsoft Outlook (PST) 2019 is supported now.
  • Plug-ins for processing GroupWise and EDB 5.5 mail storage databases are available in x64 version.

Mobile Data Acquisition/Parsing Changes:

  • Speed-up of data acquisition from iOS devices due to the new solutions implemented.
  • Import and parsing of iOS case files created by GrayKey is now available. 
  • Time properties are available for binary files acquired via Android Logical, Android Physical, Tizen Logical, Portable Device Logical, SIM Card Reader Logical, and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Advanced Logical plug-ins. Time in the properties is displayed in the time zone set in Electronic Evidence Examiner.
  • Potential issue with duplication of the external storage file system after the full logical acquisition of some Lenovo devices has been resolved.
  • Potential issues with Chrome, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram parsing have been resolved.
  • Potential issue with parsing the new versions of Jott Messenger has been resolved.
  • Potential issue with displaying an incorrect status for the authentication data after Android full logical acquisition has been resolved.

Export/Reports Changes:

  • Thumbnails of MMS attachments from iOS devices are displayed now in the Mobile Data Review Report.
  • Potential issue with generation of the Search Results Report for mail storage evidence has been resolved.
  • Potential issue with incorrect displaying of the CSV Search Results Report in Excel has been fixed.
  • Potential issue with date filters in the Reports Wizard has been fixed.
  • Potential issue with oversized images and photos in the Mobile Evidence PDF Report has been fixed. The large size of images, especially photos, is preserved, but now they perfectly match the report grid.

General Changes:

  • Potential issue with navigation between pages in the Sorted Files viewer has been fixed.
  • Minor GUI improvements for better user-experience.
  • Overall stability has been improved.

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